The Profile Security Database is the Security Issue Database's web-based interface that receives data points associated with mutual funds from the SEC's EDGAR system and compares them to existing Profile information to help ensure accuracy.

Fund companies use the web interface to review and update their existing Profile data. Its hierarchical structure (management company level, share class level, fund portfolio level, and security issue ID level) streamlines information input by Funds, automatically populating other applicable levels, eliminating repetitive entries.


Setting Up Initial Data and Processing Variances

To use Profile Security, a Fund must set up its initial data.

MFPS II - How to Set Up Initial Data in the Profile Security Database

MFPS II - How to Process Variances in the Profile Security Database


Not in Document Data Points

There are prescribed data points that are in Profile Security but not in the dcouments filed with the SEC. These NID data points need to be verified for accuracy on a regular schedule, not to exceed 365 days. Click here for full size video.

MFPS II - How to Review and Process Not in Document (NID) Data Points


Custom Extract Reports

Click here for full size video.

MFPSII Profile Security - How to Create a Custom Extract Report


Record Layouts and Data Dictionary

Profile Security Data Dictionary

Profile Security Redesign Fixed Length Record Layouts

Profile Security Redesign Variable Length Record Layouts


User Guides

MFPS II Profile Security - Not in Document Report User Guide

Mutual Fund Profile Service II - Security Database Web User Guide

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