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The Obligation Warehouse Web system is a secure, efficient obligation entry and management system that incorporates robust search capabilities, statistical reporting, and exception processing. Eligible member can use the service to access real-time information along with input and response capabilities. The commands and data are validated in real-time, input errors are reported immediately, and invalid data elements are returned directly on the entry page. Every obligation submitted, as well as the subsequent related events, are sent to the Contra to provide both parties with the most updated status. All output files are parsed into sections and defined as reports readily available for up to two years in the Report Center.

Using Obligation Warehouse Web, participants can enter ex-clearing broker-to-broker obligations, obtain real-time matching, clean up exceptions, store open obligations, check for CNS eligibility daily, and run RECAPS frequently. The Obligation Warehouse Web feature allows you to:

  • Perform obligation entry, modification, delivery notification, and cancellation.
  • View, affirm, or don't know (DK) advisories.
  • Immediately identify and resolve exceptions.
  • Research obligation exceptions using a search engine.
  • View all matched and uncompared obligation entries by currency, security, status, contra, or a combination of criteria.
  • Export obligation details or query results to Excel spreadsheets.
  • Reduce delays associated with batch processing and manual comparison
  • View every obligation regardless of the status.
  • Enable you to quickly recognize aged obligations to assist in the confirmation and resolution process.
  • Access end of day Obligation Warehouse reports, both today and historically.

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