The SFT Clearing service, a National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) product, is a central clearing and settlement service for overnight borrows and loans of equity securities (collectively SFTs). Login to view information about how to access and use the Securities Financing Transaction (SFT) Clearing service.

SFT Clearing General Service Guide

Familiarize yourself with the DTCC Securities Financing Transaction (SFT) Clearing service, and strengthen your understanding of the roles and...
Modified 31 May 2022

SFT Clearing Dashboard Guide

Learn more about how to use the Securities Financing Transaction (SFT) Clearing service that provides a dashboard to view central clearing...
Modified 15 April 2021

SFT Clearing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

View frequently asked questions about the SFT Clearing service, including how to access the service. Learn more about the participant roles, system...
Modified 07 June 2022

SFT Clearing Testing Guide

Access the test scope and scenarios to guide you through successfully testing the SFT Clearing system, including pre-test preparation, PSE regional...
Modified 05 October 2021

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