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Welcome! In this section of the DTCC Learning Center you will find resources related to DTC's Corporate Actions Processing Service for Reorganizations and CA Web. Use Quick Links, the Reorg Resources tab (utilize filters to help narrow returned results), and Search to learn more.

ReorgDTC’s Corporate Actions Processing Service for Reorganizations provides full lifecycle processing, including sourcing and announcing the details of upcoming events, accepting and acting on instructions, and collecting, allocating, and reporting on the resulting entitlements. The Reorganizations service includes the announcement and processing of events such as exchange offers, conversions, Dutch auctions, mergers, puts, reverse stock splits, tender offers, rights and warrant exercises, and other events arising from the servicing of the securities eligible at the depository. To learn more about Lifecycle Reorganization Processing for Servicing Securites, be sure to visit the Reorganizations page on DTCC's corporate website (www.dtcc.com). You may also wish to visit the By-Laws, Rules and Procedures page for access to various Fee and Service Guides.

Here In the Reorg section of the Learning Center you'll find learning content specific to CA Web. Be sure you login and utilize the Resources tab at the top of this page to access content related to:

  • CA Web Reorganizations - including
    • Reorganizations Dashboard and Announcements,
    • Reorganizations Record Detail,
    • Reorganizations Entitlements and Allocations, and
    • Reorganizations Adjustments.

Note: For information about Distributions and Redemptions functionality in CA Web, be sure to access those areas within the Corporate Actions Processing section of the Learning Center. If you haven't already and you want to familiarize yourself with CA Web, be sure to visit the CA Web section. 

Recommended Resources

  • CA Web Help 
    The  CA Web Help includes information for Distributions and Redemptions and thoroughly explains the CA Web interface and functionality. This is where you'll find the latest and most up-to-date information about CA Web and we recommend it as both the place to start and as a comprehensive learning solution.
  • pdf Provisioning Access and Roles to CA Web Users (658 KB)
    This guide for Super Access Coordinators/Access Coordinators describes how to create a CRS profile, how to provide the profile with access, and what the possible roles are in CA Web.

We recommend you begin by reviewing the CA Web Help as it explains all aspects of the Corporate Actions Web system.

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