Welcome to the Record Formats and Messages section for DTC Settlement. Here you will find technical specification documents outlining the the data format required in order to send and receive data.

Once you have set up up your batch files and messages you are ready to send your transactions for DTC Settlement. Status messages will arrive as output files or messages from DTC. You may also check the status of transactions sent via file or message in the Settlement Web.

Clients may submit their transactions to DTC via ISO 15022 Messaging and Batch Files. Batch files utilize a CCF (Computer to Computer File Transmission, a proprietary format) and MQ Series format.  For more information, navigate to the DTCC Client Center and select your product or service .

 Below are often used record formats and messages. 

Click Below to access CCF, MQ, and ISO Settlement CCF Technical Specification files.

CCF and MQ



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