Electronic Pool Notification

The Electronic Pool Notification section defines EPN, explains how to access the systems required to use it, explains how to find and use its reports, and provides technical information for its use.

Electronic Pool Notification (EPN) is the industry standard for agency mortgage-backed securities pool notification. It is intended for all firms that are engaged in the MBS pool allocation and notification process, including broker/dealers, inter-dealer brokers, commercial banks, Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs), mortgage originators, insurance companies, investment companies, investment managers/ advisors, mutual funds, trust companies, pension funds, international organizations and organizations that act as principal to the underlying trade and maintain direct FICC accounts.

It is a real-time store and forward message switch that provides an electronic communication network for transmitting MBS pool allocation information quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

DTCC offers a few ways to communicate with EPN including Messaging Queue (“MQ”) and RESTful Application Program Interface (“API”). MBSD has also implemented EaSy Pool (ESP) as a communications front-end to the EPN system to provide a Web-based solution for the real-time exchange of pool information.

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EPN Online Guides

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MBS EPN Message Layouts

This document provides participants with message layouts for processing messages via FICC’s Electronic Pool Notification (EPN) system. The document supplements the information provided in the: EPN Implementation Guide EaSy Pool Action Guide MBS EPN Guidelines and Codes Guide
April 08, 2022

EPN Implementation Guide

This document provides a technical description of the EPN System and includes all the necessary requirements and procedures to implement EPN within your firm.
April 08, 2022

EPN MQ Implementation Guide

This document contains technical information for implementing MQ messaging for EPN within MBS. 
April 08, 2022
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