Licensing & Appointments (LNA)

Licensing & Appointments (LNA) automates and standardizes the two-way flow of information needed to manage producer information between insurance carriers and distributors, eliminating paper and simplifying data exchange.

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Through Licensing & Appointments (LNA), distributors can send producer license and appointment update information to their carrier counterparties, using either a traditional secured network connection or via the Access platform. This feature helps manage NAIC Suitability in Annuities model regulation for producer training.


LNA Schematics


LNA Access®

LNA Access® is a web-based standalone tool, with no additional cost, that is available for Distributors to use to enter required data for appointment requests and appointment terminations, producer terminations, address changes, producer ID changes, license confirmations, and training completions.

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A Tour of LNA Access

LNA Access enables Distributors to submit licensing and appointment requests and producer information transactions. Watch from start to finish or use navigation tabs to select a topic.
August 23, 2016
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