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Insurance Information Exchange (IIEX)

DTCC’s Insurance Information Exchange (IIEX) is a platform that provides clients with the ability to exchange policy, producer, and product data through a secure data hub that supports the sourcing and consumption of data.

 A centralized data hub, Insurance Information Exchange (IIEX) provides you, as a Carrier, Distributor, or Service Bureau representative, with

  • A standardized alternative to sending large, redundant batch files
  • Access to easily consumable, focused, and in-force policy data files
  • A solution for all insurance product types - annuities, life insurance, and insurance-based retirement plans
  • The ability to stay compliant, meeting industry data standards through reactive regulatory changes

 Insurance Information Exchange

Data Source

Carriers transmit their contract details (including, individual and group annuity, life insurance long-term care and retirement income/immediate annuities) to I&RS Positions & Valuations (POV) using the Common Data Transfer Service (CDTS) on a daily, weekly, monthly or other periodic basis. The scheduled output from POV populates and refreshes the data stored and sorted in IIEX.

User Interface Capabilities

The Insurance Information Exchange (IIEX) user interface provides you, as a Carrier or Distributor with immediate, on-demand access to your annuity and life insurance policy data. The interface offers the following features:


  1. Policy Overview - Provides summarized policy value and count by product type, trading partners, and product CUSIPs.
  2. Using Policy Search - Provides a list of policies by pre-defined search criteria such as product type, issue state, qualification code, share class, etc.
  3. Policy Details - Provides up-to-date and comprehensive policy level information, such as parties, values, sub account information, etc.
  4. Data Quality - Provides insight into completeness of business-critical data elements for your annuity and insurance policies.


  1. Product Overview - Provides summarized count of Product CUSIPs by CUSIP type, product type, and carriers with active CUSIPs.

  2. Product Search - Provides a list of Product CUSIPs by pre-defined search criteria such as active status, product type, CUSIP type, etc.

  3. Product Details - Provides details of the Product CUSIP, including related fees and commissions.


  1. Saved Searches

  2. Manage Saved Groups

  3. Data Dictionary

Hours of Operation

IIEX is available 24 hours Monday through Friday; Saturday until 2:00 p.m. EST. Not available Sundays.

API Overview

The IIEX is a HTTP-based set of services implemented according to Representational state transfer (REST) API standards. REST APIs are a software architecture that define a set of constraints to be used for creating web services. REST APIs provide interoperability between computer systems via URL connectivity. IIEX is comprised of a library of GET APIs which returns in-force policy information formatted in JSON.

DTCC API Marketplace

Full IIEX API specifications are available on the DTCC API Marketplace, a developer community where users can access turnkey applications and self-service tools to create custom software solutions.

IIEX API functionality is available to Carrier and Distributor firms and Service Bureaus. If your firm has decided to use the IIEX API-enabled platform, you need to create an account with the DTCC API Marketplace.

Insurance Information Exchange - Online Help

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