MFPS II Schematic

 The Mutual Fund Profile Service (MFPSII) includes the following databases:

  • The Security Issue Database, a central data source of comprehensive fund prospectus and operational rules, is a recognized industry standard for dynamic access to information critical to the management of mutual funds in the third-party market, as well as adherence with Department of Labor disclosure regulations. The database offers a comparison tool for mutual funds called the Profile Security Database.
  • The Participant Database contains information regarding NSCC processing capabilities of both fund and firm members.
  • The Distribution Database provides distribution data, such as record, reinvestment and payable dates, for dividend, capital gains, and commission payments.


Distribution Processing Webcast

Improve Dividend and Capital Gain Distribution Processing Webcast



Profile Security Database

The Profile Security Database is the Security Issue Database's web-based interface that receives data points associated with mutual funds from the SEC's EDGAR system and compares them to existing Profile information to help ensure accuracy.

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