DTCC’s Securely Managed and Reliable Technology (SMART) is the infrastructure that supports settlement in the U.S. capital markets. SMART connects a nationwide complex of networks, processing centers, and control facilities. Each is highly secured, engineered with multiple independent levels of redundancy, and capable of processing DTCC’s entire clearance and settlement workload.

Log in to learn more about the SMART/Track for CNS Corporate Actions, a web-based system. This system provides automated communication and tracking of corporate action liability notices for securities undergoing voluntary corporate action events. NSCC clearing firms or DTC settling members can leverage the SMART/Track technology to create, send, process, and track broker-to-broker or bank and CNS liability notices through the service. Automated email notifications inform you of when activity occurs. With SMART/Track for CNS Corporate Actions, participants can request displays of voluntary and mandatory reorganization events that have been announced.

SMART/Track for CNS® Corporate Actions Help

September 08, 2022

SMART/Track for CNS® Corporate Actions Frequently Asked Questions

September 08, 2022

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