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CNS® Allocation Priority Order

CNS® priorities are the order in which CNS allocates positions in a security to Long Members. Learn more about the algorithm that governs the...
Modified 16 March 2021

CNS® Reports and Statements Guide

Familiarize yourself with the CNS® system, including reports, statements, and processing functions. View and understand the reports that you use to...
Modified 12 November 2020

CNS® Dashboard User Guide

Familiarize yourselv with the CNS® system inquiry, processing, and user interface accessibilty from the Clearing Dashboard (CLD).
Modified 27 April 2020

CNS® Exemptions

View information about CNS® exemption instructions. CNS exemptions are elections provided by each member that controls the delivery of all or part of...
Modified 10 February 2020

CNS® Ancillary Services FAQ

Obtain answers to questions about the CNS ancillary services.
Modified 13 July 2016

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