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Welcome! In this section of the DTCC Learning Center you will find the resources you need to maximize your use of DTCC’s Agent Services. Use Quick Links, the Agent Services Resources tab (utilize filters to help narrow returned results), and Search to learn more.

Welcome to the Agent Services section of this Learning Center. It is designed to facilitate communication with the agent community by providing information and reference documentation that is necessary to interact with The Depository Trust Company (DTC). If you haven't already, DTCC Learning recommends you familiarize yourself with the Agent Services page on, as it provides information related to:

  • becoming a DTC-eligible agent,
  • the FAST program (see also FAST Agent Learning Resources below),
  • the Direct Registration System (DRS), and
  • important forms and reference information about Corporate Actions.

The Agent Services section of the Learning Center assumes you have familiarized yourself with the information available on and are either ready to apply for FAST Agent membership, or are already a FAST Agent. In the latter case, be sure to access the FAST Agent Learning Resources, below.

The Fast Automated Securities Transfer Program (FAST) is a contract between DTC and transfer agents whereby FAST agents act as custodians for DTC. This section of the Agent Services Learning Center provides access to learning resources intended to assist FAST Agents.

The FAST Program

The FAST program eliminates the movement of physical securities by allowing agents to act as custodians for DTC. The FAST program facilitates the industry’s dematerialization efforts and plays a significant role in reducing the costs associated with shipping certificates to and from agents as well as those related to printing and processing certificates. The FAST program does not apply to MMI securities.

Agents interested in becoming FAST Agents should refer first to The FAST Program section of, review the "How to Become a FAST Agent Guide" and other resources available there, and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more.

FAST Agent Learning Resources

The resources below may also be found via the Resources tab at the top of this page. You will need to login to access them.


pdf Corporate Trust Services - Securities Processing for FAST Agents (1.70 MB)

This guide explains a variety of securities processing functions used by FAST Agents within the PBS – Corporate Trust Services application. It is intended for (DTC-eligible) FAST agents eligible for DTC's Direct Registration System (DRS). This guide explains concepts and terms relevant to DRS transfers but is not intended as the be-all / end-all reference for Agent Services.


Fast Automated Securities Transfer (FAST) Overview

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Watch this 6-minute interview with Joseph Clemente (Product Manager/Asset Services) to learn about the Fast Automated Securities Transfer (FAST) Program. Hosted by Jafar Miah, DTCC Learning.


Additional FAST Agent learning resources will be posted here as they are developed. You may wish to Bookmark this page for easy access from "My Dashboard."

Corporate Trust Services - Securities Processing for FAST Agents

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Fast Automated Securities Transfer (FAST) Overview

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