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New Account / Account Maintenance Transparency Enhancements – Best Practices

This  pdf guide (503 KB) provides best practices for using the enhancements made to the NSCC Fund/SERV® and Networking services that allow intermediaries to provide Funds with the necessary transparency for intermediary oversight, fee reconciliation, and internal reporting.

Interval Funds: Repurchase Processing User Guide & Best Practices

This  pdf guide (706 KB) describes updates that provide for unique identification of Interval Funds as a security type, allow for future-dating of shareholder repurchase orders, support pre-confirmation acknowledgement of repurchase orders between Firms and Funds, and enable identification of de minimis repurchases as allowed under select Fund Company prospectuses.


Cost Basis Reporting Service (CBRS) Supplemental Guide for Mutual Funds

pdf Cost Basis Reporting Service (CBRS) Supplemental Guide for Mutual Funds (2.57 MB)  focuses on the transfer of cost basis information for mutual funds between reporting brokers. It is supplemental and should always be used in conjunction with the DTCC CBRS User Guide.

Please note that the DTCC CBRS User Guide under the Cost Basis Reporting Service (CBRS) section of Equities Clearing serves as the primary document governing the use of CBRS and must be consulted for additional details regarding the basic use of the CBRS system.


Money Market Fund Reform

Amendments to the rules governing money market funds, adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in July 2014, impose significant structural changes on the money market fund industry. According to the SEC, the rules are designed to address money market funds' susceptibility to heavy redemptions in times of stress, improve their ability to manage and mitigate potential contagion from such redemptions, and increase the transparency of their risks, while preserving, as much as possible, their benefits.


Underlying Firm Symbol (UFS)

The Underlying Firm Symbol (UFS) provides a standard method of identifying intermediaries involved in providing service to a mutual fund account.


Matrix Levels

A matrix level is the level of control on a sub-account provided to a Firm or Fund using Networking.


Trust Processing

The Trust Processing Guidelines document was originally created by the Trust User Group and the ICI (Investment Company Institute) Bank, Trust and Retirement Advisory Committee to facilitate the exchange of information flowing between bank trust departments and fund groups utilizing NSCC’s Fund/SERV® and Networking systems.


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