Producer Management Portal (PMP)

Producer Management Portal (PMP) provides a comprehensive source for centralizing, sharing, tracking & verifying producer training completions. State & product training & source for authorizations for annuity sales.

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With Producer Management Portal (PMP), using a B2B, mainframe or internet connection, insurance carriers and distributors can share information on producer training completions and authorizations through either NSCC or DTCC Solutions LLC. The portal includes:

  • Education vendor-sourced course completion details for state training
  • Insurance carrier-sourced course completion details for product training
  • Insurance carrier-sourced training authorization for annuity sales (based on producer ID, product, state and application date – verifies state and product training)


PMP Web Interface

The web interface is available for data consumers to directly access the information without requiring technology development.

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A Tour of the Producer Management Portal

The Producer Management Portal (PMP) enables Distributors to find Producer training course completion information and real-time point-of-sale training authorizations. This video gives you a tour of PMP. Watch from start to finish or use navigation tabs to select topic.
September 20, 2016
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