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Universal Trade Capture (UTC) User Guide

Get started with the Universal Trade Capture (UTC) system. View the UTC submission timing, market codes, and submission notes along with validation...
October 05, 2020

Universal Trade Capture (UTC) Portal User Guide

To supplement the real-time interface, NSCC offers correspondent clearing transaction entry that you can use for exception processing that you cannot...
January 02, 2020

Trading Relationship Management User Guide

View the features available through the Trade Relationship Management web-based application that allows eligible NSCC members to manage their...
October 26, 2022

NSCC Print Image Reporting

View the print image report that includes trade data from individual legacy post trade applications. 
June 06, 2022

UTC Automated Broker Suspension Notice Information

Learn more about the notification messages NSCC generates when an NSCC broker is suspended from clearing (ceases to act). Messages are written in...
June 06, 2022

NSCC Equity Trade Capture Fee Descriptions

View the into the net value (Fee ID 2482) and out of the net value (Fee ID 2483) descriptions. For the most up-to-date NSCC fee schedule, see...
October 06, 2022

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