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Learn about the new ACATS client interface enhancements that will modernize the client interfaces that firms use to communicate with the ACATS systems. These enhancements also include features to process 529 accounts transfers through the ACATS Fund/SERV® service. DTCC has updated its API Marketplace with the ACATS APIs, schemas, and API Starter Kit for the new JSON standard message formats. For full access to the DTCC API Marketplace, contact your firm’s Super Access Coordinator (SAC) to enable you as an Operator.

For SACs: If you are unable to provision entitlements to the API Marketplace, contact NSCC Integration at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ACATS Frequently Asked Questions

Modified May 17, 2024

ACATS Client Interface Modernization: Technology Overview

August 22, 2023

ACATS API Marketplace Demo

November 24, 2023

Access to the PSE API Marketplace

DTCC API Marketplace includes the ACATS APIs, schemas, and API Starter Kit for the JSON standard messages.
March 08, 2023

ACATS Message Queue (MQ) Guide

Modified May 17, 2024

DTCC Standards for MQ Series Transmission Guide

June 12, 2023

Concept Paper: ACATS Enhancements for 529 Assets

December 07, 2020

ACATS Client Interface Modernization / 529 Plan Enhancement Initiative

September 09, 2022

ACATS 529 Plan Account Transfers Scenarios

February 01, 2023

See Also:

Click each tab to access the ACATS input and output JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) formats, egress schema, and sample JSONs.

View the JSON input formats that are supported with the API Marketplace or Message Queue (MQ) specifications.

ACATS Transfer Input JSON Format (Legacy TI)

April 30, 2024

ACATS Asset Input JSON Format (Legacy AT)

April 30, 2024

ACATS Mutual Fund Registration Input JSON Format (Legacy FR)

April 30, 2024

View the JSON output formats that are supported only through MQ. You can also download the Egress Schema zip file to view the output JSON schema.

ACATS Egress Schema

New June 11, 2024

ACATS Multicycle/End-of-Day MQ Output Format

April 30, 2024

ACATS Position MQ Output Format

April 30, 2024

ACATS Settlement MQ Output Format

November 22, 2023

ACATS Insurance Statistics MQ Output Format

November 22, 2023

ACATS Interface Rejects MQ Output Format

November 22, 2023

ACATS Fund/SERV Statistics MQ Output Format

November 22, 2023

View the sample JSONs available in PDF or by downloading the zip containing the following samples:

  • Multicycle Transaction Sample JSON
  • End-of-Day Transaction Sample JSON
  • Position Sample JSON
  • Settlement Sample JSON
  • Insurance Statistics Sample JSON
  • Interface Rejects Sample JSON
  • Fund/SERV Statistics Sample JSON
  • End of Message (EOM) Notification Sample JSON

See Also: View sample requests and responses in the ACATS Message Queue (MQ) Guide. For detailed information about the JSON input structure and usage, see DTCC API Marketplace.


May 08, 2024

ACATS Sample JSONs - Zip

May 07, 2024

ACATS Notes: April 3, 2024

April 03, 2024

ACATS Notes: March 20, 2024

March 20, 2024

ACATS: Receiver Delete for Alternatives Testing Implementation Guidelines

June 27, 2022

The Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS) application includes a series of enhancements to help the industry move towards a shortened ACATS transfer cycle. ACATS Modernization is a multi-phase initiative to improve, modernize, and transform the ACATS application.

Implemented: February 24, 2020

The goal of the ACATS Shortened Cycle release was implemented to shorten the transfer process while simultaneously reducing risk, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing the overall customer experience. View the test cases, implementation guidelines, user guides, best practices, and presentations for the modernization initiative release.

Expand to view the ACATS Shortened Cycle testing documents.

ACATS Test Cases

January 24, 2020

ACATS Shortened Cycle Testing Implementation Guidelines

September 05, 2019

ACATS Test Case Diagrams

August 29, 2019

View the ACATS Shortened Cycle instructional documents.

ACATS User Guide (Includes Modernization Initiative Enhancements)

December 08, 2022

ACATS DTCC Web Portal User Guide (Includes Modernization Initiative Enhancements)

October 19, 2022

ACATS Online Help

April 15, 2020

ACATS Modernization - Enhancement Specifications

April 15, 2019

ACATS Industry Best Practices – ACATS Shortened Cycle

August 28, 2018

View the ACATS concept papers that outlined the project proposals.

ACATS Modernization: Output File Names

April 24, 2019

ACATS Shortened Cycle Modernization - Proposed Updates

January 14, 2019

ACATS Modernization - Shortened ACATS Webinar

April 27, 2018

ACATS Shortened Settlement Cycle – Changes to the Processing of Mutual Fund Transfers

April 04, 2016

ACATS Shortened Settlement Cycle – Concept Paper

March 01, 2016

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