In Q4 2022, DTCC introduced the use of the MyDTCC portal for ITP clients. MyDTCC provides personalized online access to all DTCC web products and support capabilities in one convenient place. Both ServiceCentral and the ITP Web Portal were retired with the launch of the the MyDTCC portal. ITP users will benefit by being able to access their ITP applications, along with all prior ServiceCentral functionality, from a single location.

This section of the Learning Center provides you with resources and learning materials to support your use of the MyDTCC portal and below you can find specific information about how this change impacts you depending on the type of user/access you currently have.

Click the image to access the MyDTCC Overview video.

cover MyDTCC QRG

Click the image to access the ServiceCentral to MyDTCC - Quick Reference for Common Tasks to learn how to perform the most common tasks in MyDTCC. Note that all password administration and user set up functionality now takes place in the Manage My Services application. To learn more about this, see Role-Specific Information - ITP Product Administrator.

 MyDTCC FeaturesGuide

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Logging in to MyDTCC

How you log into the MyDTCC portal for your ITP products will depend on the following scenarios:

  1. If you are a new user of the MyDTCC portal and don't already have user credentials, you will receive new user credentials and your user ID will be the same as your email address. Please see below details on how to log in for the first time.
  2. If you are already a MyDTCC portal user to manage other DTCC products, you will need a new set of ITP-specific credentials to log in to manage your ITP products. You will continue to use your existing user credentials to log into MyDTCC to manage your non-ITP products. Please see details below on how to log in using your ITP-specific credentials for the first time.


Instructions for logging in for the first time

1. When your new MyDTCC user credentials are set up you will receive the following 4 emails. Use the information provided in the emails to log in.

Email Title Sender Purpose
DTCC New Account Available This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Provides your new user ID
DTCC Temporary Password This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Provides a temporary password that you should use to log in for the first time, as well as the URL to access MyDTCC (https://portal.dtcc.com)
DTCC Access Update This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Lists the entitlements (products/services) you have been granted access to
New authentication device added This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Confirms that your device can be used to authenticate with PingID

2. Reset your temporary password when prompted to on the MyDTCC login page. NOTE: you can also contact the DTCC Client Center to reset your password.

3. Verify your login with the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) code which will be sent to you via email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you experience issues obtaining your MFA code, you can contact your ITP Product Administrator or the DTCC Client Center for a bypass.

4. For all future logins, you will be able to use your new ITP-specific credentials and your chosen password.


Role-Specific Information 

To understand more about how this migration impacts you and access role-specific resources, click the relevant section to learn more.

ITP Product Administrators (PAs) are responsible for administering user IDs and the associated roles/permissions for ITP applications.

As an existing PA, you will be set up as an Administrator on the MyDTCC portal ensuring you can continue to administer user IDs and roles for your organization. As well as having access to all of the standard MyDTCC features (see the ITP User section below to learn more), you will access your PA-specific functionality through the Manage My Services application by clicking on the corresponding tile once logged into the MyDTCC portal.


Resources to Support your Use of Manage My Services

Manage My Services allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Authorize and manage user access to DTCC systems
  • Grant MyDTCC access to users within your organization
  • Create/delete other PAs for your organization

You can access the Product Help directly from within the Manage My Services UI or as a standalone resource:  default Manage My Services (ITP) Product Help  (NOTE: you will need to log in to access this resource).


Terms and Conditions

New Terms and Conditions exist for PAs and these can be accessed in the Manage My Services Product Help (NOTE: you will need to log in to access this resource).

ITP users have access to one or more ITP products and/or ServiceCentral which they use for support and web form requests. 

With this move, the following features will be available to you from within the MyDTCC portal:

  • Single sign-on to most of your ITP products
  • Online support including the ability to submit support requests for product support, account and service changes, connectivity management and biling queries
  • System availability showing the up-to-minute status of your DTC services with the ability to customize your preferences
  • Expanded search to access Knowledge Base articles and DTCC Learning Center content with single sign-on access to all resources
  • Access to supporting reference material such as Client Lists, Service Level Statements and software and project files via the My Files feature
  • Announcements
  • Product Administrator look-up
  • ALERT Data Authentication administration (where applicable)

NOTE: Users will still be able to access the ITP applications using the direct URLs, however moving forward we recommend that all users access their products through the MyDTCC portal to enjoy the benefit of single sign-on access.

If you have been using the ITP Web Portal to log in to your ITP products, this same single sign-on functionality will be migrated to the MyDTCC portal with the following key differences:

  • Once logged into MyDTCC, the ITP products that you have been assigned access to will be presented as individual tiles in alphabetical order

MyDTCC Home1


  • If you are not permissioned to use an ITP product, that product tile will not be displayed
  • Filtering and favorites will not be supported as they were in the ITP Web Portal
  • Multiple user IDs will be supported (except for Settlement Instruction Manager and Settlement Status Manager) e.g., in the scenario that you have different user credentials for the same ITP product which allows you to access different organizations. The expected behavior is that when you click the ITP product tile to launch the application, you will be presented with an additional log in screen with an option to choose which of your user IDs you want to log in with.
  • The PSE - Portal tile launchs the MyDTCC PSE portal. After logging in (using the same user credentials), you will see the different products that you are able to access in the PSE environment. Clikc on a tile to launch the product.

ITP Direct-only clients and ITP Partners can self-register for access to MyDTCC. All other clients/user types must contact their PAs to provision their access to MyDTCC. To self-register, visit www.dtcc.com/client-center - ITP. 

Access to MyDTCC provides the ability to use our self-service capabilities including viewing our global ITP clients lists and current service status, receiving real-time updates on service availability, submitting support requests, updating your profile, and searching for answers.

If you are an existing user of the MyDTCC portal for non-ITP products, you will continue to use your existing login credentials as previously provisioned. In addition, you will receive new login credentials to use MyDTCC for your ITP product access



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