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There are many different components to CTM that can be used to maximize your use of the service. Further information on each topic can be found below.


Implementation and Connectivity Options

There are a number of different connectivity options available that allow you to easily integrate the CTM solution into your existing trade processing environment, leveraging your existing infrastructure.

 Interface Option  Message Format  Query or Event-based  Interface Connectivity Method  Network Connectivity Method
 Event Based Push   XML   Event-based 


IBM Websphere MQ

Internet or Leased Line

Leased Line

 Direct    XML  Query-based 

Java API

.Net API

Internet or Leased Line

Internet or Leased Line

 Message Translation Interface (MTI)    CSV   Event-based


Secure FTP (IM only) 

Internet or Leased Line


 FIX   FIX  Event-based FIX  Leased Line


Further information: visit ITP Technical Resources for information on the different connectivity options; visit CTM Technical Resources for information on the message formats.



The standard workflow used by CTM is the Block Allocation Confirmation Workflow (BACW) which requires both the buy-side and sell-side to submit both block and allocation/confirmation messages to CTM for matching. However there are a number of variations to this workflow to accommodate different market and/or asset-class requirements.

Further information: visit Workflows to learn more about the Block Allocation Confirmation Workflow and all other variations.



Whilst most data provided on the trades that you send to CTM comes from your middle/back office systems, your trades can be enriched with supplemental data. This includes the SSI, LEI and account information from the ALERT platform.

Further information: to understand more about the data that can be enriched and how this process works, visit Enrichment. To understand more about ALERT, visit ALERT.


Matching Process

CTM uses a standardized 2-level matching process to match all block and allocation messages, however there are elements of this process that can be configurable, depending on your own business requirements. 

Further information: Matching Process explains the overall process; Client Facing Dashboard provides detailed information about how to configure the matching process; Block Shaping explains what steps can be taken to increase transparency into counterparty alleged trades.


User Interface

The CTM User Interface (UI) is available to all clients and enables you to instantly modify and repair trade exceptions to facilitate matching. For smaller buy-side clients, it also offers functionality to manually enter trades.

Further information: visit User Interface to access all resources to support your use of the UI, including specific materials to guide you on the manual entry of trades.


Asset Class Specific

CTM supports a variety of asset classes and in most instances the workflow and matching process is the same across all asset classes. For some asset classes, there are variations which might include a change in the information that you need to send to CTM, different matching requirements or a change in the workflow. This includes TBAs, Certificates of Deposit and Commercial Papers, and Repurchase Ageements.

Further information: full details of these asset class variations can be found at Asset Class Specific.  


Settlements Management

Once a trade has successfully matched in CTM, buy-side clients can use the Settlement Instruction Manager service to send settlement notifications to custodians and third parties to inform them of a trade intended for settlement.

Further information: visit Settlement Instruction Manager to access all resources on the Settlements Management process. 


Performance Measurement and Analysis

CTM clients can also subscribe to our ITP Trade Analytics (formerly Benchmarks) service which provides powerful analytical tools for researching and optimizing the timeliness and accuracy of your trade processing through the CTM service.

Further information: visit ITP Data Analytics.


Product Release Information

The below resource contains detailed information about all recent enhancements to CTM:

CTM Release Information

April 12, 2024

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CTM 4.0: CTM Matching Concepts

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CTM 4.0: Manually Enter Your Trades

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