The Universal Trade Capture (UTC) service is a trade capture reporting process that validates and reports equity transaction submitted to NSCC by an exchange or Qualified Special Representatives (QSRs) that is an NSCC Member. The service enables a single validation and reporting engine for NSCC’s four legacy trade capture systems (Correspondent Clearing, Over-the-Counter, New York Stock Exchange, and Regional Interface Operation). UTC increases NSCC throughput and reduces storage costs, which increases efficiencies and accommodates future growth in trading volume.

The UTC service provides a standardized input record from all marketplaces to eliminate the need for firms to run their own internal conversion programs or outsource the function to third parties – reducing the cost and complexity of the post-trade process. UTC provides Members with real-time contract output in one unified format. Members may elect to receive contract data in a Financial Information eXchange (FIX), Message Queue (MQ), or another unified output file.

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