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The Clearing Fund Management (CFM) system is used to manage your DTC Participants Fund and GSD, MBSD, and NSCC Clearing Funds deposit accounts in real-time. Through CFM, you can access your Participants or Clearing Fund requirements, collateral deposits, deficits or excesses, and submit deposit and withdrawal transactions. Using the Asset Substitution Calculator, you can calculate the effect that depositing or withdrawing different eligible collateral has on your required deposit.

Clearing Fund ManagementMTU

The benefits of the CFM system include:

  • Real-time access to your Participants Fund and Clearing Fund requirements and deposits.
  • Calculate the effect of depositing or withdrawing eligible collateral on your required deposit.
  • Submit online requests to deposit, withdraw, or substitute eligible collateral, eliminating the need to submit manual transaction requests through an email.

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Clearing Fund Management - NSCC Help

September 28, 2022

Clearing Fund Management - NSCC Demo

This demo describes the modernization plans, user interface, features, and enhancements for the application.

Clearing Fund Management - NSCC Modernization Demo

See Also: NSCC Risk Management.


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