A Deliver Order (DO) is a book-entry movement of shares of a particular security between two DTC clients. The delivery program allows you to settle securities transactions by making book entry deliveries to another client's account.


Asset and Security Types That May be Submitted

Clients may submit transactions involving equity securities, such as common stock, as well as municipal and corporate debt securities, and including money market instruments. Other types of security movements that can be settled with DTC are institutional deliveries, stock loans and financing transactions, including the pledging of securities to the Federal Reserve, commercial banks, or the Options Clearing Corporation. Clients may also segregate fully-paid-for customer securities.

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Asset or Activity Refer to 
Exchange Trades Equity Clearance
Institutional Deliveries ITP
Distributions, Redemptions, and Reorganizations Asset Services
Settlement of Underwriting Issuances such as MMI Underwriting



 A DTC client submits a deliver order to DTC to process a stock loan, a delivery versus payment, or a new issue.  

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