DTCC’s MF Info Xchange is a centralized communications service for the mutual fund industry. The service facilitates and streamlines the delivery and receipt of time-critical notifications and helps to effectively organize, prioritize and manage events and notifications through a centralized communications center.


MF Info Xchange Guides

This series of guides provides you with instructions and technical information needed to use MF Info Xchange through either the API or web-based user interface. 

MF Info Xchange Data Dictionary

July 07, 2023

MF Info Xchange API Capabilities - Technical Guide

September 08, 2023

MF Info Xchange Web User Guide

July 07, 2023


MF Info Xchange Video Series

There are two Create Notifications videos: one for Fund clients and one for Firm clients. 

Note: The following videos will open in a new window tab. Close the tab to return to this page.

mfix create 4fund cover


mfix firm create not cover

 apprvl wkflw cover

mfix dist list setup cover

mfix update not cover

mfix firm monitor cover

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