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MBSD Trade Lifecycle Activities Interactive Map

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Added on :  3-Dec-2020
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This tutorial provides animated walkthroughs of the MBSD Trade Lifecycle for various trade types. If you see an error message, please simply refresh this page.

If viewing this page on a PC, do not use the yellow "Full Screen" button. Instead, click the double-headed arrow button (in the player controls) for a better experience.

If viewing this page on a small mobile device, use the yellow "Full Screen" button. 

Transcript Available:

To download a transcript of the tutorial narration, use the "Tutorial Transcript" link at the top of the tutorial player.

Next Steps:

After watching, be sure to visit the Mortgage-Backed Securities Division (MBSD) page and scroll down to the "MBSD Processes" article to learn more!

Tutorial Acronyms:

*FTBA - FICC TBA Novation Account

*TBA - To Be Announced

*FSTI - FICC Stipulated Account

*FSPT - FICC Stipulated Pool Trade Account

*CSD - Contractual Settlement Date