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The Dashboard displays alerts for relationships that you or your counterparty have created and require attention, or that you have saved, but not yet submitted. These can be trading relationships in the Pending Approval, Pending Delete Approval, or Saved status. The Dashboard also displays alerts for spreadsheet upload errors.

The Dashboard displays information in following sections:
• Trading Relationships Pending
• Trading Relationships Pending with Others
• Spreadsheet Errors

You can approve, reject, or delete pending relationships, as well as approve or reject requests to delete active relationships. Click the Participant ID links to display details for relationships.

You can also research spreadsheet upload problems. To display the spreadsheet, from the Trading Relationship Spreadsheet column, click the spreadsheet name link. To display the error messages for a spreadsheet, click the blue i icon for that spreadsheet from the Details column.

To return to the Dashboard from any page within the Trading Relationhip Management application, click Dashboard from the main menu.