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Access Consolidated Trade Summary (CTS) user guides, including FAQs, file layouts, and testing information.

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CTS User Guides

View user guides, reports and business requirements that explain the Consoldiated Trade Summary (CTS) system.

NSCC File Formats for CTS

Access NSCC file formats for CTS, including CTS Machine Readable Output (MRO) and CTS Comma Separated Values (CSV) Formatted files.

  • AutoRoute Product ID # 02042339 Production (# 02982339 Test) Machine Readable Output (MRO)
  • AutoRoute Product ID # 02042340 Production (# 02982340 Test) Comma Separated Values (CSV)

CTS Important Notices

Access the most up-to-date CTS important notices available on


See also: CTS Working Group Meeting Notes

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