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CTM Enrichment

Enrichment is the process by which standing settlement instructions (SSIs) and account information from the ALERT platform is added to trades sent for matching in the CTM service. The provision of accurate and up-to-date SSIs by both parties to a trade improves efficiency in the settlement cycles, and can reduce the risk of settlement failure and is one of the key enablers to achieving a no-touch workflow.

In CTM, SSI information is available to both counterparties. Investment managers' and broker/dealers' SSIs are part of the "common view", which reflects the final paired and matched values of a MATCH AGREED (MAGR) trade. Clients are advised to incorporate the SSI information as part of the matching process.

In order to enable enrichment from ALERT, users link their CTM entity to an ALERT entity and then enrich using one of a number of SSI subscriptions depending on how they have chosen to leverage the functionality. 

Download  pdf Leveraging ALERT for CTM Enrichment (79 KB)  which provides a brief outline of the enrichment functionality.

This area of the Learning Center provides you with information on the different options availble to enrich your ALERT SSIs to your CTM trades.


How to Use Enrichment

There are a number of options available to all CTM clients that enable them to successfully enrich the SSIs they have stored in ALERT on 100% of their trades:

  • ALERT Key Auto-Select (AKAS)smart enrichment capability that leverages a combination of rules-based logic and client drive profiles to automatically enrich CTM trades with preferred SSIs from ALERT.
  • Standard ALERT enrichmentwhen a trade is submitted to the CTM service for matching, both broker/dealers and investment managers can provide a set of fields that activate the enrichment process. These fields enable the selection of the SSI specified by the CTM client and adds this SSI to the trade message in CTM
  • Additional considerations: when implementing enrichment using either ALERT Key Auto-Select or the standard ALERT enrichment process, there is other functionality available which will allow you to fully leverage the benefits of enrichment e.g. PSET Matching

Click on each of the options above to learn more about how each functionality works and how to enable it with your CTM and ALERT configuration.

One other important differentiation to make is at what stage during the trade submission process to CTM does enrichment occur. The visual below shows the difference between this process for broker/dealers and investment mangers:

Enrichment CTMFlow

Organization of ALERT SSIs

In order to understand how the enrichment process works, it is important to firstly understand how SSIs are structured in the ALERT platform. All SSIs in ALERT are classified according to the Country (of Settlement), Security and Method (final depository where settlement takes place).

Broker/dealers organize their SSIs under Settlement Models, whilst investment managers organize their SSIs under Access Codes which represent their accounts or funds. For any given Settlement Model or Access Code, the Country-Security-Method combination must be unique.

Criteria for enrichment from the ALERT platform

  • pdf
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    CTM: ALERT Key Auto Select (AKAS) Implementation Guide

    Describes how to use the optional ALERT Key Auto Select (AKAS) functionality for the CTM service. ...
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  • pdf
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    Leveraging ALERT for CTM Enrichment

    Understand how to leverage ALERT to enrich SSIs onto trades sent to the CTM service for matching. ...
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