The Corporate, Municipal, and UITs (CMU) system provides all of its customers with RTTM - a single pipeline, a common processing platform, and a standardized message format for the U.S. fixed income markets. RTTM reduces execution and settlement risk as well as costs because it allows customers to maximize the volume of trades that match on trade date, and ensures that trades are locked in and ready for settlement, moments after they've been submitted. It also allows firms to fix any processing problems the same day when an error occurs, rather than waiting for the following morning, as in the previous batch processing system.


  • CMU FAQs

    The primary purpose of this document is to familiarize NSCC members with NSCC’s RTTM CMU proce ...
    In CMU RTTM Downloads: 3082

  • CMU RTTM Interactive Messaging Specifications for Trade Input and Output Specifications Guide

    This document is intended for systems and development personnel including managers, analysts, and pr ...
    In CMU RTTM Downloads: 67

  • CMU RTTM Web User Guide

    This User Guide provides step-by-step procedures for all CMU RTTM Web functions related to Corporate ...
    In CMU RTTM Downloads: 138

  • CMU RTTM Super Access Coordinator Guide

    The purpose of this document is to describe how to use the Customer Registration System (CRS) as a S ...
    In CMU RTTM Downloads: 64

  • CMU CSV Trade Batch Upload Quick Reference Guide

    In extraordinary situations, when a praticipant who submits MQ MT515 trade messages is not able to s ...
    In CMU RTTM Downloads: 51

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Corporate, Municipal, and UITs (CMU) FAQs

Contact your DTCC Relationship Manager.

For CMU matching questions, please enter an inquiry into the DTC PBS WINS system or call (888) 382-2721. Select option 2 (Equity & Fixed Income), and then select option 3 (Equity, CNS, OW & CMU).

For RTTM Web Password resets: If you are not an access coordinator at your firm, please contact your firm’s access coordinator to reset your password.

If you are an access coordinator for your firm, please call the Customer Support Center (CSC) at (888) 382-2721 and press 1 (Password Issues), then 3. You can also refer to the pdf CMU RTTM Web User Guide (10.34 MB) .

For problems with data communication or RTTM Web access, call the Customer Support Center at (888) 382-2721. Press 5 (Technical Services), then 5 (FICC Connectivity and Technical Support).

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