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GTR Client Forum Webinar (Recorded June 12, 2018)

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Added on :  6-Jul-2018
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This webinar was conducted on June 12, 2018.


  • 'The GTR Re-architecture and EMIR RTS implementation 6 months on….' – Paul Sedgwick, Director of Regulatory Relations, will discuss DTCC’s revised JIRA process, pairing and matching across the industry post-RTS as well as a high-level overview of future regulatory changes in EMIR, including the EMIR Re-Fit. 
  • 'GTR Global Portal Roadmap and Developments’– David Chu, GTR Product Management, will provide an overview of the GTR Global Portal Roadmap for the remainder of 2018 and beyond and what developments can be anticipated in the coming months.
  • 'SFTR Industry Challenges and the GTR Solution' – Adem Sabah, GTR Product Development, will provide an update on the GTR’s solution for SFTR as well as  an overview of the general challenges clients will face in preparing for this regulation.
  • 'Swiss Reporting (FinfraG)' – Sam North, GTR Product Development, will provide an overview of the GTR’s FinfraG solution and how this can help further centralise your regulatory reporting requirements.
  • 'ASIC/MAS Re-Architecture Overview' - Abbie Cresswell, Relationship Management, a summary of the GTR’s MAS/ASIC Re-Architecture and timelines. 
The Official GTR Portal Video.