On February 15, 2023, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted final requirements for a May 28, 2024, implementation date for the move to T+1 Settlement for transactions in US cash equities, corporate debt, and unit investment trust (UIT) transactions.

To help DTCC participants and their affiliates prepare for the transition to a T+1 Settlement cycle, there are a number of resources available. Review the below summary to help you navigate the Learning Center and locate the T+1 information that you need.

Key Resources


The UST1 site provides access to a range of industry-wide resources that are updated on a regular basis. Review these resources to identify the potential impacts to your firm, along with implementation activities, timelines, dependencies, and risk impacts. Market participants should consider the detailed approach provided to successfully prepare for the transition to a T+1 Settlement cycle. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • T+1 Playbook: identifies the areas impacted by shortening the settlement cycle and the various considerations that should be contemplated
  • DTCC T+1 Test Approach: Detailed Testing Framework: provides a detailed plan for testing T+1 changes with DTCC and other industry infrastructures, including availability of test environments and how to access them
  • Accelerated Settlement (T+1): outlines the systems and processing changes required to move to a one-day settlement cycle for DTCC subsidiaries - Institutional Trade Processing (ITP), National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC), and The Depository Trust Company (DTC)
  • T+1 Settlement Timelines: covers three operational timelines to visualize what the future-state of operations will look like for firms in the US, EMEA, and APAC


As each DTCC service enacts changes to prepare its system and processes to move to a one-day settlement cycle, we will update documentation and learning resources to support that service. To access the latest materials, visit the respective product areas under the PRODUCTS AND SERVICES MENU.


To facilitate testing by DTCC participants, DTCC has converted our PSE -U environment in the MyDTCC portal to a T+1 settlement cycle. To leverage this environment for your T+1 testing, follow the below steps:

  1. Review the DTCC T+1 Test Approach: Detailed Testing Framework to identify what and how to test.
  2. Check your connectivity.

There are two types of testing:

  • Free-format: DTCC will perform a one-time copy over of positions from our production environment to the PSE -U environment.
  • Cycle: DTCC will provide a set pool of CUSIPs and positions that is refreshed for each test cycle. Access the latest list of test CUSIPs at Documentation.

The test cycles are outlined below. For more detailed information on the test cycles, review the DTCC T+1 Test Approach: Detailed Testing Framework.

T1 testcycle

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