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  • Institutional Trade Processing Learning Center

    DTCC’s Institutional Trade Processing (ITP) service suite has its origins in the set of trade processing solutions that constituted the Omgeo business. Combining DTCC's global solution for legal entity identifiers and its settlement capabilities with the formerly Omgeo-branded pre-trade and matching services, ITP offers buy-side, sell-side and custodian firms an end-to-end...
  • TradeSuite ID Web Interface - Online Help (Documentation)

    Use the following online resources to learn more about the TradeSuite ID Web Interface modules and access instructions about how to use all of the available features: Product Release Information (contains details of the most recent release)  Confirm/Affirm: Investment Managers NearMatch: Investment Managers ID Directory: Investment Managers and Executing Brokers Broker Trade...
  • TradeSuite ID/SWIFT

    TradeSuite ID/SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) is the integration of TradeSuite ID, SWIFT, and your portfolio management system. Use the following documents to learn more about how to use SWIFT in your TradeSuite ID environment:
  • Quality Control Reports

    The TradeSuite ID service provides agents, brokers, and institutions with monthly online quality control reports to allow them to compare performance against that of the industry. Sample reports enable users to see how to access useful information online. For more information, access the Quality Control Reports.      
  • TradeSuite ID: Post Trade Analytics

    You can analyze the monthly benchmarks data for the TradeSuite ID service using Post Trade Analytics. This document provides an understanding of current affirmation rates for your trades, as well as performance of parties and counterparties on your trades. For more information, see the following document:
  • TradeSuite ID 8.0

    The business and technical documentation below supports the current release, TradeSuite ID 8.0.
  • Videos—inSITE

    Watch the videos in this section to learn more about the inSITE service.
  • TradeSuite ID™

    The TradeSuite ID™ service has been a cornerstone of the U.S. equity and fixed-income markets for more than 35 years. As the industry has evolved, so has the TradeSuite ID service - offering broker/dealers and other market participants robust compliance, streamlined automation, and enhanced features. This area of the Learning Center provides a combination of documentation and instructional...
  • Videos—Confirm Archive for the TradeSuite ID Service

    Watch the videos in this section to learn more about Confirm Archive for the TradeSuite ID service.
  • Videos—NearMatch for Investment Managers

    Watch the videos in this section to learn more about NearMatch.
  • Videos—Broker Trade Input (BTI) for Executing Brokers

    Watch the videos in this section to learn more about BTI.
  • Videos—Confirm/Affirm for Investment Managers

    Watch the videos in this section to learn more about Confirm/Affirm.
  • Videos—All Confirm Archive Users

    Watch the videos in this section to learn more general Confirm Archive functionality
  • Documentation—Confirm Archive

  • OASYS Trade Match Demonstration

    The below demonstration provides an insight into the OASYS Trade Match work flow and an overview of the different applications used to provide this solution. Please select Full Screen to optimize your view.  
  • OASYS™ Trade Match

    The OASYS Trade Match solution matches the allocation input supplied by institutions to allocated level trade input supplied by broker/dealers. If institution allocation input and broker/dealer trade input matches prior to noon on T+2 for DTC-eligible securities, and the institution is the designated affirming party, the TradeSuite ID service: Produces a Matched-Affirmed...
  • OASYS Trade Match SMA Workflow

    Watch the following video to understand the workflow for Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) within OASYS Trade Match.    

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