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For initial deposits by new Participants and voluntary deposits by existing Participants, wire the funds to DTC, formatting the instruction to conform to Fedwire standards for Fed fund transfers.

In This Field


Receiving Bank ABA Number

DTC's ABA Number: 026002066.

Receiving Bank Name

DTC's telegraphic name: DTC SDFS.

Originator (ORG)

The name of the Participant whose account is to be credited.

Originator to Beneficiary (OBI)

Settlement Fund Deposit (SFD), followed by a slash and the Participant's account number.
For example:
OBI = SFD/123.

Note- The data in the Originator to Beneficiary Information (OBI) field is required for processing by DTC.

For banks that use another field name, include OBI in your entry.
For example:
BBI = OBI SFD/123.

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