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Net Debit Caps help ensure that DTC can complete settlement, even if a Participant fails to settle. They are based on your net debit history at DTC and automatically rise or fall relative to the average of your highest intraday net debit peaks in accordance with the calculation described below (in “Calculating Your Net Debit Cap”). A Net Debit Cap, recalculated daily, is applied to your account to limit the settlement net debit you could incur at any point during a processing day. 

Your Net Debit Cap is limited by DTC's established maximum Net Debit Cap, the value of which is always set lower than DTC's total available liquidity. Currently, the maximum Net Debit Cap you can have is $1.8 billion.

Before completing a transaction in which you are the receiver, DTC calculates the resulting effect the transaction would have on your account, and determines whether your resulting Net Debit Balance would exceed your Net Debit Cap. Any transaction that would cause your net settlement debit to exceed your Net Debit Cap is placed on a pending (recycling) queue until another transaction creates credits in your account (see Recycle Processing for more information). Most credits are generated when you deliver securities versus payment; pledge securities for value; receive principal, dividend or interest allocations; or wire funds (SPPs) to DTC's account at the FRBNY.

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