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There are three main types of transactions processed through the Settlement system.

  1. Deliveries: DTC's delivery program allows a Participant to settle securities transactions by making book-entry deliveries to another Participant's account. The securities are immobilized in DTC's custody, eliminating the need for physical movement of certificates. DTC reduces the seller's position and increases the buyer's position without the need to move physical certificates. Deliveries can be made with or without the condition of money payment, depending on the applicable Participant’s delivery instructions.

  2. Payment Orders (POs): The payment order service provides Participants with a convenient method for settling amounts of money related to securities transactions that are effected separately through DTC earlier on the same day or on a previous day. Participants can use payment orders to collect option contract premiums and mark-to-market open contracts such as stock loans.

  3. Collateral Loans: The collateral loan service allows a Participant (the pledgor) to pledge securities as collateral for a loan or for other purposes and also request the release of pledged securities. This service allows such pledges and pledge releases to be made free, meaning that the money component of the transaction is settled outside of the depository, or valued, meaning that the money component of the transaction is settled through DTC as a debit/credit to the pledgor's and pledgee's DTC money settlement account. When pledging securities to a pledgee, the pledgor's position is moved from the pledgor's general free account to the pledgee’s account which prevents the pledged position from being used to complete other transactions. Likewise, the release of a pledged position would move the pledged position back to the pledgor's general free account where it would then be available to complete other transactions.

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