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At your request, DTC will segregate securities for the account of a firm, partner, officer, stockholder, or for an omnibus account.

Securities are segregated by the serial number appearing on the Investment Identification Instruction form. The serial number appears on the Participant Daily Activity Statement on the date of activity and is reported on the end-of-month statement until you no longer have a position in the issue or you have instructed DTC to release the securities from segregation.

Dividends and interest due are allocated as follows:

  1. Cash dividends and interest due are allocated to the Investment Identification positions and other positions. Allocations appear on your Dividend/Reorganization Cash Settlement List.
  2. Stock dividends are calculated on the Investment Identification positions and other positions, and are credited to your general free account on the payable date.
  3. Stock splits are calculated on the general free and pledged positions as well as the Investment Identification account. The dividend is added to each respective account on settlement date.
  4. DTC allocates cash merger and mandatory put payments as well as municipal and corporate redemption payments for positions segregated on DTC's books.

Investment Identification activity is recorded on your Participant Daily Activity Statement. Check your statement to be sure your transactions were properly processed and recorded.

Warning! Under DTC's Rules and Procedures you are responsible for verifying the accuracy of your Participant Daily Activity Statement. You must report discrepancies to DTC's Reconciliation division as soon as possible after you receive the statement. 


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