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The Sub-Accounting Service allows you to protect securities on deposit at DTC by moving them from your general free account to your segregated account. The securities remain segregated and unavailable for any transactions until you authorize DTC to release them and return them to your general free account.

On payment day, DTC will automatically allocate cash merger and mandatory put payments as well as municipal and corporate redemption payments for securities segregated on DTC's books. In addition, DTC will allocate property and rights such as interest payments, dividend distributions and voting rights for segregated securities. Segregation transactions are subject to your collateral monitor control, and do not recycle for position or insufficient collateral.

These allocations were previously based on a position capture done the prior night. Now, DTC will perform a real time position capture immediately prior to the allocation to account for any adjustments Participants made prior to allocation. You should release on or before the payment date certain segregated positions for securities being reorganized. If you fail to release these positions, they will be automatically decremented to avoid driving your general free accounts into short (negative) positions when proceeds are allocated. You can avoid this automatic decrease of your segregated position by releasing the segregated securities on or before the payment date.

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