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  • ID Net Firm deliveries from the ID Netting Subscriber Receive Account #919 that are pending for position or because of risk management controls will drop at 11:30 a.m. eastern time on settlement date


Re-introduction of ID Net Deliveries for ID Net Firms

Deliveries that do not complete for position or controls will be available for immediate re-introduction from the original clearing firm’s account through an optional IMS function at 11:30 a.m. eastern time.

The ID Net reintroduced drop will appear and will be charged as a regular ID trade (MITS transaction type in IMS). The reintroduced drop can be viewed by the ID Net Firm in the “Transaction Authorization Inquiry” option in IMS. An ID Net reintroduced drop will remain in an Unprocessed state (will not be processed) unless the ID Net Firm authorizes the delivery in IMS. ID Net Firms can elect to have their ID Net reintroduced drops automatically authorized by setting their “ID Net Drop Authorization Profile” to passive. ID Net Firms should use the new “ID Net Drop Auth Profile Update” option in the IMS function to switch their ID Net drop profile from Active (the default) to Passive. ID Net Firms can view their ID Net drop authorization profile in the IMS function by selecting the “ID Net Drop Auth Profile Inquiry” option.