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Batch Files

Below are the settlement files that are transmitted to clients from DTC. Each document describes the purpose, availability, headers, and detail records that comprise that function.

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DTFPART enables you to receive Participant account return transaction information at various times of the business day.

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The PARTPO transmission contains all original and reclaim Security Payment Order (SPO) and Premium Payment Order (PPO) transactions that have been processed by DTC's Settlement System during the business day.

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Each record indicates the closing balance for a specific CUSIP in one of the Participant's DTC accounts. The information received via the APIBAL function may be used to automate both the verification of a Participant's closing balance by CUSIP/Account and the determination of a Participant's position with DTC at the end of the previous business day.

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Some SLRADJ activity will represent actual Stock Loan and Repo adjustments, and some are implicit adjustments resulting from other transactions ( e.g. Deliver Orders).

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SLRBLC enables all DTC Participants to access information concerning the composite balances by security of their Stock Loan and Repo accounts at DTC. The records will be generated for all eligible Participants that have an account balance, and will include data for those accounts that contain a net zero balance.

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SLRBLD enables all DTC Participants to access information concerning the detailed balances by security and Contra Participant for their Stock Loan/Repo accounts at DTC.

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The FFSBST function will provide Settling Banks with a Legal Entity Settlement balance file. The file will be produced at approximately 4:00 P.M. each day after Final Figures, and will consist of the Bank’s Legal Entity Participant accounts and their corresponding NSCC and DTC settlement balances. A net settlement balance will be provided for each participant along with the participants’ net debits and credits. NSCC and DTC balances will be listed separately and will be distinguished by an indicator on each record.

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