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ACATS-Fund/SERV® is a dynamic service that automates and standardizes transfers and re-registration of assets in a client’s mutual fund account. It automates and standardizes transfers and re-registrations of the assets in a customer’s mutual fund account.

Fund/SERV® is a central processing system for the entry, confirmation and settlement of mutual fund orders that was launched in 1986. The Fund/SERV system facilitates the registration process for orders submitted into the system. ACATS was implemented in 1985 to expedite the transfer of customer accounts from broker to broker. In 1989, the ACATS-Fund/SERV® link was set up to add the capability of transferring mutual funds from one account to another. 


ACATS-Fund/SERV® User Guide 

For detailed instructions on how to properly use the ACATS-Fund/SERV® system, download the latest version of the  pdf ACATS Fund/SERV Guide (660 KB) .

Record Types

The receiving firm enters the transfer instructions into the ACATS systems. When a mutual fund is involved, ACATS sends these instructions (via 018 records) to Fund/SERV. Fund/SERV then transmits the 018 records to the fund. These records provide the instructions of how to re-register the assets in a customer’s account held at that mutual fund.

The following are the record types used to communicate information between ACATS and Fund/SERV:



 WMS ACATS FundSERV Firm to Firm Schematic 900x409px

WMS ACATS FundSERV Firm to Fund Schematic 900x409px




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ACATS-Fund/SERV Overview

The purpose of this video is to provide an overview of the ACATS-Fund/SERV process.  
Modified June 21, 2021
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