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The ITP web portal is a new centralized location for web users to access all ITP services online. All ITP products and services are included, with a dedicated tile to access each one, providing a consolidated user experience.

When each tile is clicked, a separate browser tab opens with that application launched. Most services, including ALERT, CTM, Exception Manager, ITP Data Analytics, inSITE, TradeSuite ID and Settlement Notifications support single sign-on, eliminating the need to log in to multiple platforms.

GMEI, Margin Transit Utility (MTU) and Confirm Archive can be accessed via the ITP web portal however you will continue to log in separately once those platforms are launched.


The interactive visual below highlights the features of the new web portal. Hover over the numbered icons to learn more.



ITP Web Portal - FAQs

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The ITP web portal is available at

It is supported exclusively via Google Chrome web browser and you must log in using your ServiceCentral email address and password. If you don't have a ServiceCentral account, you can register for one by clicking Register in the ServiceCentral login page (circled below) and following the directions on your screen.

service central



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We encourage all users to access ITP products and services via the new ITP web portal due to the benefits this provides. However, at this time, use of the ITP web portal will only be mandatory for:

  • clients utilizing DTCC Exception Manager
  • clients utilizing CTM Settlement Notification and Third Party Notification functionalities via the new Notifications UI


All other ITP services are still accessible via the existing application URLs* and user credentials specific for that application. For this reason, users will still be prompted when their individual application passwords are expiring and must keep these up to date. Please visit the Access Product Services page for a list of all direct URLs.

* If you use multifactor authentication, there are some additional changes to be aware of. Read the FAQ Can multifactor authentication (MFA) be used with the ITP web portal? for full details.


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The ITP web portal and the ITP single sign-on (SSO) applications accessed by it have an idle timeout of 30 minutes after no user activity. When this occurs, you are logged out of all SSO applications that are open in the tabs on your browser. Though visually the application screens will seem to be active—when you attempt taking action on any component in that application, you can expect the following behavior when logged in to the ITP web portal:

  • For the DTCC Exception Manager (including the Dashboard) and Notifications applications, you are redirected to the ITP web portal login screen. Log in again using your ServiceCentral email address and password.
  • For all other applications, you are redirected to the login page for that application. You can log in to the individual application with your user ID and password or you can return to the ITP web portal login screen to log in with single sign-on access.

 The table below provides the idle timeout and maximum session timeout for each of the applications where single sign-on is enabled.


  Idle Timeout (in mins) Max. Session Timeout (in mins)
ITP web portal  30 240
CTM 30 240
Exception Manager 30 240
inSITE 30 NA
Notifications 30 240
TradeSuite ID Web 30 NA



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Yes. If you already use multifactor authentication (MFA) to log in to your ITP applications, the same process applies when logging into the ITP web portal.

Note: if you are not a registered ServiceCentral client with email/password credentials, then get registered. Only registered users with ServiceCentral email/password credentials can access the ITP web portal. To register with ServiceCentral, click Register in the login page (circled below) and follow the directions on your screen. 

service central


The detailed steps for multifactor authentication are as follows:

  1. Navigate to the ITP web portal login screen at (Production environment).
  2. Log in using your ServiceCentral email address and password.
    The multifactor authenticator screen is displayed (below) and you receive an email containing your authentication code.
  3. Enter the code provided to you and click Sign On.
    The multifactor authentication success screen is displayed (below).

You are logged in to the ITP web portal home page and you can click a tile to launch an ITP application, which opens in a separate window.

Also note the following:

  • If want to open other applications in the ITP web portal, you are not required to complete the multifactor authentication process again.
  • If you experience an idle timeout or maximum session timeout, repeat steps 1-3.


Note: if you prefer to access the application using each product's direct URL using your current application ID and password with MFA, the URLs for these products have changed. Please refer to the table below for the new direct URLs.

Application  New DTCC URL
CTM UI 4.0
TradeSuite ID Web


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