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Use the UI 3.0 to handle exceptions, enter trades, manage settlement notifications, and other activities.

Omgeo CTM UI 3.0

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The functionality to manually enter trades using the CTM User Interface is available to broker/dealer users of CTM who have the Manual Entry user role enabled. This allows a user to create new block and confirmation messages.

Below is a summary of the manual entry workflow to understand what steps are involved in order to get your trades to a final Match Agreed (MAGR) status, as well as an overview of the Create Trade screen that you have to use to provide all block level information for both equity and debt trades.

Alternatively, please refer to the pdf CTM Broker/Dealer Manual Entry Job Aid (751 KB)  which provides detailed step by step instructions on the full workflow.



Block Entry Fields and Definitions

Use the below interactive resources to see available block entry fields, for both equity and debt trades, and understand what information you have to supply.  Click on the plus markers to see an explanation of how to populate each field.






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Learn more about using the CTM UI 3.0 (trade blotter) for trade submission and exception processing with the following documentation:

A Trade Blotter Reference for investment managers and broker/dealers is located in Repurchase Agreements (Repos) and requires registration. Go to that area of the site, click Login or Register in the top right area of the screen, and provide a business email to begin the process.

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Watch the videos in this section to learn more about handling exceptions.

CTM UI 3.0: How to Cancel a Trade

  • 1. CTM UI 3.0: How to Cancel a Trade
  • 2. CTM UI 3.0: How to Deal with a Cancel Request
  • 3. CTM UI 3.0: How to Resolve a Mismatched Trade
  • 4. CTM UI 3.0: How to Amend a Trade
  • 5. CTM UI 3.0: How to Handle Rejects


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