Settlement and Other Notification Services

Omgeo CTM provides several notification services.

Settlement Notification

Omgeo CTM includes optional settlement services for the trade life cycle. Use the following documentation to learn more:

Other Notification Services

The following table summarizes the additional notification services that you can deploy with Omgeo CTM. 

Notification ServiceDescription
Trade Notification Omgeo CTM provides status information about MATCH AGREED (MAGR) and CANCEL MATCH AGREED (CMAG) trades to prime brokers and other instructing party designees.
CCP Notification Prime brokers send NotificationAction messages to Omgeo CTM for MATCH AGREED (MAGR) trades to approve, reject, stop, or cancel CCP notifications. The NotificationAction triggers a CCP notification to EuroCCP. 
Depository Notification Omgeo CTM provides MT543, and MT548 (MT54x) messaging for MATCH AGREED (MAGR) trades to the CDSX on trade date for the Canadian securities market.
CFI Notification Omgeo CTM provides copies of trade information for MATCH AGREED (MAGR) and CANCEL MATCH AGREED (CMAG) trades. 

Use the following  document to learn more about all of the other notification services.

Note: If you use ALERT for standing settlement instructions (SSIs), see the ALERT area in the Learning Center for training and documentation resources.

Watch the videos in this section to learn more about settlement notification and Copy For Information (CFI).


Introducing Omgeo CTM Copy For Information (CFI)

  • 1. Introducing Omgeo CTM Copy For Information (CFI)
  • 2. Omgeo CTM Settlement Notification Overview