Confirm Disclosure— inSITE™

The inSITETM service provides a web-based repository for storing confirmation disclosures. It allows broker/dealers to post their disclosures to the inSITE web site based on established enrichment profile crtieria that generates a reference number unique to that specific disclosure document. The confirm submitted by the broker/dealer through the CTM and TradeSuite ID services is then enriched with the inSITE URL and reference number assigned to the relevant disclosure. Investment managers and parties to the trade can then use the URL and reference number to view the associated confirm disclosure through the inSITE Viewer web site.

Providing the confirm disclosure with the trade confirm reduces costs for the broker/dealers, since they can eliminate the mailing of paper confirms.

Use the following resources to learn more about how the inSITE service works:

Watch the videos in this section to learn more about the inSITE service.


inSITE: Overview of the inSITE service and its Workflow

  • 1. inSITE: Overview of the inSITE service and its Workflow
  • 2. inSITE: How to Navigate
  • 3. inSITE: How to View Disclosures Using the inSITE Viewer
  • 4. inSITE: How to Upload and Maintain Disclosure Documents
  • 5. inSITE: Using the Maker/Checker Workflow for Document and Profile Changes
  • 6. inSITE: How to Add and Maintain Profiles