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The GMEI® Utility is DTCC's legal entity identifier (LEI) solution. The solution is designed to create an apply a single, universal standard identifier to any organization or firm involved in a financial transaction globally and was developed in response to the financial crisis of 2008-2009 after governments and regulators called for new financial market regulation. 

Through its suite of ITP products and services, DTCC provides our clients with the ability to register their entity for an LEI (GMEI Utility), communicate their LEI with their counterparties (ALERT®) and enrich this information on to their authoritative trade records (CTMTM), making it available as part of the enriched SSIs which can then be used downstream in the settlement process. To learn more about the use of LEIs through the ITP products and services, visit Legal Entity Identifier.


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    GMEI Utility LEI Authorization Form

    This document defines the Requesting Authority process for the GMEI utility, answering most question ...
    In GMEI Utility Downloads: 675

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    GMEI Utility Bulk Registration and Renewal User's Guide for Templates v 5.5

    This document describes how to register and renew entities for LEIs in bulk using the GMEI utility. ...
    In GMEI Utility Downloads: 6184

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    GMEI Utility: Common Data Format 2.0 and Level 2.0 Data FAQs

    This document answers frequently asked questions related to GMEI utility Common Data Format 2.0 and ...
    In GMEI Utility Downloads: 5561

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    GMEI Utility Portal User's Guide

    This document describes how to use the GMEI utility portal to register and renew entities. ...
    In GMEI Utility Downloads: 4790

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