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All ALERT client types who require an extract of data from ALERT can submit a request for a DART report, output in the format of a Microsoft Excel file. Please note this service is chargeable and you will be requested to provide billing details when submitting a request.

Full details on how to request a DART report are below, including which fields to populate depending on the type of data you are requesting.


Requesting a Data Extract

1. Log in to ServiceCentral. If you don't already have an account you can register for one.

2. Under Product Services select More Requests and Forms, followed by DART Data Dump Report.


3. In the ALERT Acronym field, enter your own ALERT acronym.

4. Depending on the type of data you want to be included in the extract, populate the fields below as shown in the table. When requesting counterparty data, you can select all acronyms or specify those that you require access to.


  Who is requesting the data?

Do you want your own data or your counterparties data?

If counterparty data, what type of client are they?

What type of ALERT data is required? 

(select the relevant check box)

Scenario 1: Broker requesting IM accounts Broker Counterparty Institution General Account Instructions
Scenario 2: Broker requesting IM SSIs Broker Counterparty Institution Account Settlement Instructions
Scenario 3: Broker requesting own SSIs Broker Own N/A Institution Settlement Model Instructions
Scenario 3: IM requesting their own accounts Institution Own N/A General Account Instructions
Scenario 4: IM requesting their own SSIs Institution Own N/A Account Settlement Instructions
Scenario 5: IM requesting Broker SSIs Institution Counterparty Broker Institution Settlement Model Instructions


5. For Settlement Model Instruction requests, if you want to restrict the data extract to certain Country, Security or Method types, please specify.

6. If you are a broker requesting counterparty data (Scenarios 1 and 2), answer the additional questions under Additional options for Broker clients. If you want to include BIAs, the DART report will include your BIA number in the data extract where one exists. If you only want to include cross-referenced accounts, select Cross-referenced Account only. Otherwise, choose All Institution Accounts


7. Complete all billing information.


8. Once all information is complete, click Submit. You will receive a confirmation email from DTCC Client Operations confirming your request.

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