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The Settlements Management Notifications UI service provides investment manager users of CTM with the ability to generate settlement notifications to be sent to custodians, banks, third parties, investment managers and executing brokers to inform them of a trade intended for settlement. The settlement notification message uses a SWIFT MT541/543 message format and a maximum of 15 notifications can be sent for each allocation/settlement detail. Users can monitor and manage these settlement notification messages through the Notifications UI.



Settlements Management SWIFT Messages

For investment managers who use CTM and are sending SWIFT MT541/543 messages or for custodians, banks, third parties, and executing brokers who receive SWIFT MT541/543 from their investment manager clients, the  pdf SWIFT MT541/543 Message Specification for Settlements Management (1.13 MB)  provides detailed information on the format of the messages generated by the Settlements Management service.


Getting Started with the Notifications UI


Access to the Notifications UI is through the ITP Web Portal which provides a centralized location for web users to access all ITP services. Visit ITP Web Portal for further details on how to access the ITP Web Portal and configure your user IDs to access all ITP products.

Once you have access to the Notifications UI, the  default Notifications UI Product Help  provides detailed information on how to use the UI to manage your settlement messages.

If you are a previous user of the CTM Settlement Notification service, click on the below image to launch the Notifications UI Job Aid which provides information on the key differences between the two different UIs and helps you navigate the new Notifications UI.

cover NotificationsJobAid


CTM Third Party Notification (TPN) Resources


CTM Third Party Notification/Enhanced Settlement Notification is being replaced by the new Settlements Management Notifications UI. Below you can find resources to help with your migration to the new UI, as well as resources to support you if you are still using the legacy Settlement Notification functionality in the CTM UI 3.0 (Trade Blotter). 

If your firm is in the process of migrating from the CTM Third Party Notification service to the new Settlements Management UI, the Settlement Management Migration Checklist provides guidance on timeline and steps.

CTM: Trade Blotter Reference: Settlement Notification

CTM: Settlement Services Reference: SWIFT MT541/543 and CSV Mapping


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