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mbsdrttmsystemlandingpageThe Real-Time Trade Matching System (RTTM) for Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) is a product of the Fixed Income Clearing Corporation's Mortgage-Backed Securities Division (MBSD). RTTM is a trade-entry/management tool that increases the efficiency of trade operations yet reduces your firm’s overall risk. All activity is validated and matched in real-time. From trade submission to comparison, processing time is reduced to a fraction of what it had taken in the past.

This browser-based interface is extremely user-friendly, and its platform independence greatly enhances accessibility. Log on to RTTM Web from any computer that is equipped with a standard browser and a connection to FICC's RTTM via the DTCC SMART network or the SIAC SFTI network. 

Real Time Trade Matching (RTTM®) Web Modernization — New!rttm_web_resources

Be sure to click the above link to access the “Using the New MBSD RTTM Web Interface” series of eLearning courses. The first three training solutions focus on:

  • Accessing FICC MBSD RTTM Web via MyDTCC Portal & Direct URL,
  • Entering a Trade in MBSD RTTM Web (for Brokers), and
  • Entering a Trade in MBSD RTTM Web (for Dealers).

Each includes a downloadable .pdf containing screenshots of the walkthroughs available via a Resources link at the top of the course.

More eLearning solutions are planned in support of the launch of the new RTTM Web design on such topics as submitting, searching for, and canceling a DNA request, using the advanced search, and canceling matched and unmatched trades. Check back often to access the training and prepare for when the new system design goes live in the RTTM Production environment later this year.

MBS Processing in MBSD RTTM

The MBSD RTTM system provides access to users who are looking to perform MBS processing for Trade Matching, TBA Netting, Do-Not-Allocate, Pool Netting, and Clearance tasks activities.

In this section you will find training on how to perform general MBSD RTTM tasks such as logging in, changing your password, reviewing help, performing advanced queries, printing, accessing reports, troubleshooting error messages, and information about the remote access coordination.

MBSD RTTM functionality training regarding specific MBS processing can be found in their respective sections of this site.    

Review the topics below to learn more about the MBSD RTTM System

Note: All images provided of the MBSD RTTM Web system are for reference only. The system interface, color scheme, available menus, etc. are subject to change.

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