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This section is dedicated to Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) NSCC file formats, user guides, historical MRO file specifications, important notices, and sample reports.

Note: To view the client business requirement and NSCC file formats associated with the ETF Phase 2 deployment to enable clearance of Fixed Income ETFs with corporate and municipal bond components, see the ETF Phase 2 - 2020 Deployment tab in the ETF Working Groups section.

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ETF user guides, client business requirements, test plan guidelines, and on boarding instructions designed to help you with ETFs and the ETF Portfolio application.

ETF Guides

NSCC file formats for ETF, including the historical portfolio MRO file layout and canned test data.

NSCC File Formats for ETF
View ETF important notices. ETF Important Notices
Details about the ETF Historical Portfolio Service. ETF Historical Portfolio Composition File (PCF)
Documents that explain the historical portfolio MRO file layout and test data.  ETF Historical MRO File Specifications
 Several sample reports, including the Create Redeem Instructions Reject/Receipt report. ETF Sample Reports



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