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Watch this seven-part CBRS Overview series to learn about the important features of the CBRS application. 

Tips For Viewing:

  • When viewing these courses on a PC, do not click Full Screen. Instead, click the double-headed arrow in the player controls for the best full screen experience.

  • If viewing these course on a small mobile device, click Full Screen for a better viewing experience.

  • Download a transcript of each course by clicking Resources.

CBRS Overview (7 Parts)

CBRS Overview Part 1

Duration: 15 minutes

Part 1 topics include:

  • An overview of the Cost Basis Reporting Service (CBRS),
  • Logging into CBRS through DTCC Customer Portal,
  • Creating various transaction records,
  • Transfer information,
  • Asset information, and
  • Tax Lot information.

CBRS Overview Part 2

Duration: 10 minutes

Part 2 topics include:

  • Interacting with pending transactions,
  • Viewing and updating pending transfer records,
  • Updating transfer information,
  • Viewing and updating assets, and
  • Viewing and updating tax lots.

CBRS Overview Part 3

Duration: 6 minutes

Part 3 topics include:

  • Sending and viewing batch data.

CBRS Overview Part 4

Duration: 8 minutes

Part 4 topics include:

  • Performing transaction inquiries using quick and advanced search.

CBRS Overview Part 5

Duration: 6 minutes

Part 5 topics include:

  • Viewing CBRS output files.

CBRS Overview Part 6

Duration: 6 minutes

Part 6 topics include:

  • Entering firm request/reject assset records.
  • Uploading records to CBRS.

CBRS Overview Part 7

Duration: 10 minutes

Part 7 topics include:

  • Uploading records to CBRS, and
  • Using the Confirm Utility.

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