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Using CBRSThe Cost Basis Reporting Service (CBRS) application helps firms comply with the legal requirement to report cost basis information to investors and also pass this information between financial intermediaries when assets move from one firm to another. 

CBRS supports the passage of cost basis in many different types of asset transfers, such as Depository Trust Company (DTC) deliver orders, DTC deposits and withdrawals, and ACATS/FundSERV and Networking transactions. CBRS also supports basis transfers for ACATS transfers. Firms can perform the same tasks through DTCC Web Portal that are available through the computer-to-computer connection. Login to view all content available in this Learning Center.

  • CBRS Overview - View the seven-part CBRS overview webcast series to learn about important features.
  • CBRS Procedures - Learn how to access CBRS through the DTCC Web portal, view statistical reports, input and output information, and best practices. See also CBRS User Guide.

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