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Watch this seven-part CBRS Overview series to learn about the important features of the CBRS application. You will need to be logged in to the Learning Center to watch the videos.

Tips For Viewing:

  • When viewing these courses on a PC, do not use the blue "Full Screen" button below each video. Instead, click the double-headed arrow button in the player controls for the best full screen experience.

  • If viewing these course on a small mobile device, use the blue "Full Screen" button for a better viewing experience.

  • Download a transcript of each course by clicking the Resources link in the upper right corner of the video.

  • Watch videos in order as the information in each builds on what was explained previously.

What You Will Learn:

After watching this entire series, you will be able to:

  • Login to CBRS via DTCC Customer Portal
  • Create various transaction records
  • Interact with pending transactions
  • Send batch data
  • Review summary batch data
  • View CBRS output files
  • Enter firm request/reject assset records
  • Upload records to CBRS.

Read the description of each course to learn more.

CBRS Overview (7 Parts)

CBRS Overview Part 1

Duration: 15 minutes

Part 1 topics include:

  • An overview of the Cost Basis Reporting Service (CBRS),
  • Logging into CBRS via DTCC Customer Portal,
  • Creating various transaction records,
  • Transfer information,
  • Asset information, and
  • Tax Lot information.

CBRS Overview Part 2

Duration: 10 minutes

Part 2 topics include:

  • Interacting with pending transactions,
  • Viewing and updating pending transfer records,
  • Updating transfer information,
  • Viewing and updating assets, and
  • Viewing and updating tax lots.

CBRS Overview Part 3

Duration: 6 minutes

Part 3 topics include:

  • Sending and viewing batch data.

CBRS Overview Part 4

Duration: 8 minutes

Part 4 topics include:

  • Performing transaction inquiries using quick and advanced search.

CBRS Overview Part 5

Duration: 6 minutes

Part 5 topics include:

  • Viewing CBRS output files.

CBRS Overview Part 6

Duration: 6 minutes

Part 6 topics include:

  • Entering firm request/reject assset records.
  • Uploading records to CBRS.

CBRS Overview Part 7

Duration: 10 minutes

Part 7 topics include:

  • Uploading records to CBRS, and
  • Using the Confirm Utility.

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